The success of a company is the product of a clear and precise business philosophy.

The guiding principles of SAMIC, ever since its establishment, have been innovation, organization, technology and professionalism. For over 50 years it has operated and specialized in the construction and assembly of industrial plants, dedicated to the quality of its finished products, the development of its facilities and constant investment in professional improvement and specialization of its employees. Samic boasts ultra-modern equipment and production areas adequately dimensioned for high vertical assembly of components and the realization of installations of considerable size and complexity. Its production area occupies over 7,000 square metres of a total area of about 20,000 square metres used also for the storage of semi-finished and finished materials. Specialized engineering, exhaustive quality control, extensive experience and ultra-modern technology make Samic a formidable partner in domestic and international markets.


SAMIC’s core business has developed from the mid 80's with a constant commitment to raising the technological standards of its products.

SAMIC originated in 1965 in the midst of the industrial boom as a sole proprietorship specializing and acquiring competence in industrial plants, paper mills, water treatment facilities and metal carpentry.

At the end of the 80’s, the company entered the Register of National Constructors, mandatory for public works. And most importantly, it was the time that saw the beginnings of SAMIC’s core business today with the production of its first pressure vessels to compliance with National Institute for Health and Safety at Work (ISPESL) regulations.

The early 90’s saw a further significant growth: the company became increasingly engaged in a process of raising the technological standards of its products, amplifying, on the one hand, the number of both national and international construction reference standards used, and, on the other, the quality of workable materials (e.g. carbon, CrMo, Martensitic stainless, austenitic stainless and duplex stainless steels and nickel, copper and titanium alloys).

Per quanto riguarda le leghe vengono utilizzate principalmente leghe di Nichel, leghe di rame e leghe di Titanio). The company’s pressure components today have the most varied applications in energy production plants, chemical plants, oil and gas refineries, food processing plants and more.

Production area

The extensive and technologically advanced production area that allows for realization of significant vertical constructions and highly efficient production planning make Samic extremely specialized and competitive in its field.

pn addition to industry expertise and product quality, logistics also has a fundamental role. Samic boasts a technologically advanced production area, designed and dimensioned to allow for the realization and movement of constructions and assemblies up to a vertical elevation of more than 30 metres within production departments.

These logistical possibilities are supported by adequate lifting and outdoor transportation equipment, making the work cycle efficient, organic and functional.


Samic’s professional technical staff design and deliver innovative engineering solutions.

Samic’s technical department is highly specialized in the development of highly complex projects and use of the most advanced information technologies and engineering, design and 3D modelling software.


Samic’s fully comprehensive production cycle includes engineering, component construction, welding, delivery, installation, inspection and testing and, if required, surface treatments and coatings.

Samic’s production cycle starts with the procurement of raw materials and follows all the way through to delivery and installation of the finished product.
This cycle includes engineering, component construction, welding, inspection and testing and surface treatments and coatings.


- Mechanical machining: machining centres, boring machines, lathes and radial drills
- Metal carpentry: folding presses, cutters and cold calendaring machines up to thicknesses of 80 mm
- Welding: automatic, semi-automatic and manual welding for the latest technological processes
- Final assembly: equipment and production areas that allow the assembly of components of significant weight and dimensions
- Finishing: sandblasting, coating, painting and thermal treatment

Samic primarily works to production commissions.

Over the years Samic has developed extensive skills and professionalism in the various machining and welding processes of different homogeneous and heterogeneous materials. After construction of the component, Samic can also provide expertise in commissioning, technical assistance and performance and efficiency monitoring .